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Special Vacations… for Special People!


For most mom’s to be, there is a brief window 18 to 24 weeks into a pregnancy when mom actually feels "good" while pregnant.  During this brief "feel good" window … couples are encouraged to contact CM TRAVEL 4FUN to arrange a Babymoon for them!

In essence, a "Babymoon" is a pregnant-honeymoon.  Babymoons are scheduled during that brief period of time when mom and dad can both enjoy physically reconnecting (during the long baby-building process)!

CM TRAVEL 4FUN is one of the few US travel agencies promoting and arranging "Babymoons".

Past Babymoon Couples have described their Babymoon as "more important (and/or meaningful) than our honeymoon!".

Ask your CM TRAVEL 4FUN agent for details!

Special Needs Travel:

CM TRAVEL 4FUN believes everyone should travel. 

CM TRAVEL 4FUN is a registered trained Special Needs Travel Advocate… supporting and promoting cruise and vacation travel for individuals with almost any special need.

CM TRAVEL 4FUN prearranges all needed supplies, devices, mobility devices, and other equipment to be delivered (and later picked-up) to/from the traveler’s cruise stateroom (or Hotel/Resort accommodation). 

In addition, CM TRAVEL 4FUN can supply special devices like "Beach Wheel Chairs" and "Off-road scooters" allowing mobility impaired individuals to have experiences not otherwise available to them.

Ask your CM TRAVEL 4FUN agent for details!

Custom Travel of Any Type:

In addition to the above… when it comes to travel, if you can imagine it… CM TRAVEL 4FUN can likely create it!

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