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Sale of CM TRAVEL travel products and services, and travel insurance is restricted by age and/or as otherwise regulated by applicable state, federal, local and international laws and regulations affecting the sale of travel. Use of the web site “CMTRAVEL4FUN.COM” web site are limited to persons aged 18 or older for the purchase on online travel services or products.  Visitors ages 17 or younger may use these 2 web sites with the understanding they cannot directly purchase travel products or services described on these sites online. Advertised CM TRAVEL travel services/products found on this web site are generally* not available for sale from CM TRAVEL to residents of the following states:   New York, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, Missouri, and Rhode Island.  *(exceptions may apply if traveller is member of an organized travel group based in a state not listed here) CM TRAVEL does not offer for sale any type of travel insurance to residents of New York. CM TRAVEL does not offer stand alone car rental insurance coverage to residents of Texas or New York. Seller of Travel and Travel Insurance Laws may be instituted, changed, and/or eliminated by various states without advisories provided to travel professionals in other US States.  CM TRAVEL makes every reasonable effort to stay abreast of these laws in all US States.  As of the date of the last revision of this, our company Terms and Conditions, the information provided herein regarding availability for sale of CM TRAVEL travel products is based upon the information available to our company on the last revision date above, but is always subject to change at any time without prior warning – should new seller of travel law information become available. The sale of specific travel services and products and/or specific travel insurance products to residents of other states, territories, and countries not listed above… may be subject to change or limitation at any time in accordance with evolving changes to local law and regulation affecting the sale of these products and services. Travel Insurance is often recommended to clients, but, unless requested and pre-approved by the client, travel insurance is never included within any CM TRAVEL  travel product or service quote.  Travel insurance is only offered for sale by CM TRAVEL  as a separate add-on product. Travel insurance is available to CM TRAVEL travel clients in most states for nearly any type of travel offered or sold by CM TRAVEL. For user convenience, CM TRAVEL may advertise or otherwise inform consumers regarding travel products/services (and/or travel insurance products) offered for sale directly (B to C) through a third party provider (i.e. offered, but not sold through CM TRAVEL). The price and availability of all travel products and services described on this web site, or as found through links on this or other CM TRAVEL  web sites, or as promoted by CM TRAVEL in social media, or as promoted in CM TRAVEL printed materials… are always subject to change at any time without prior notice. All travel products/services quoted by CM TRAVEL are quoted from “live inventory”, thus the price and availability of travel products/services quoted by CM TRAVEL  cannot be guaranteed until said products/services have been secured by a client deposit (and said deposit has been received and accepted by the associated travel vendor provider(s)). Any advertised rebate, special offer, discount, refund, and/or other credit associated with any CM TRAVEL travel product or service… may be withdrawn or modified at any time, for any reason, without prior notice. Taxes and fees are not included in the quoted price of any CM TRAVEL product or service unless specifically stated otherwise. All cruises, vacations, tours, and accommodations (and some types of rail) are quoted at a per person rate based upon double occupancy unless stated otherwise. Stand-alone hotel room prices are always quoted at the double occupancy per-room rate unless stated otherwise. Some CM TRAVEL travel products and services may be quoted at a per person (single) rate (if a single rate is specifically indicated in writing as part of the advertised service, quote, or sales agreement). Final travel costs may vary from originally quoted prices due to applicable foreign currency exchange rates, bank credit card currency exchange fees, vendor fuel or other surcharges, or bank and vendor transaction fees, finance charges, local taxes collected by vendor at time or travel, or other fees as may be in effect at time of travel product/service deposit or final payment. Various travel planning, travel service, travel insurance, and/or travel product purchase conditions, fees, or restrictions may be applied on or after date of sale, if so defined prior to time of purchase, or as a condition of sale. Most travel products and services described on this web site are fully customizable by CM TRAVEL to meet each client’s unique needs, requests, and/or budget. Opinions expressed by CM TRAVEL on this web site, or in any other form of print or electronic media are those of the management of CM TRAVEL only, and as such do not reflect the views of any travel vendor whose services are mentioned, promoted, or sold by CM TRAVEL. CM TRAVEL and its many vendor-suppliers make every reasonable effort to keep all WEB Site content and related WEB Site Link information as current and accurate as possible.  However, due to the sheer size and complexity of this WEB Site, and the ever-changing nature of the travel marketplace, CM TRAVEL is unable to guarantee that all products and services listed on this web site, or posted elsewhere by CM TRAVEL, or provided by 3rd party travel vendors… will have accurate up-to-date current pricing, availability, and descriptive information at all times.  For this reason, travel consumers are advised to carefully review all products and services purchased through or referenced by CM TRAVEL prior to final purchase… this to best assure the consumer is purchasing the desired product and/or service at the price they expected to pay. If consumers have any questions about a product or service, or regarding the price/availability of any travel product or service, the consumer is advised to ask their CM TRAVEL agent for the most current information! Occasionally CM TRAVEL may create and distribute coupons and/or other travel discount offers in print media, e-mails, web ads, and/or in other forms of electronic or physical media.  For all such offers, specific rules for redemption of said coupons and/or discounts apply as follows:
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise in writing within any CM TRAVEL coupon and/or discount offer, under no circumstances can any travel coupon and/or discount be combined with any other travel coupon or discount for the same travel planning, booking, or purchase (travel coupon/discount double-dipping is not allowed).
  • CM TRAVEL will only honor travel coupons and/or discount programs created, produced, and/or distributed by CM TRAVEL.
  • Unless stated otherwise, under no circumstances will CM TRAVEL accept 3rd party coupons and/or discounts in any form – for any travel product or service planned, booked, and/or sold through CM TRAVEL.
  • CM TRAVEL coupons and discount programs have no cash value, and are not redeemable for travel or any purpose other than those specifically stated within said coupons and discount descriptions.
  • Travel substitutions, partial redemption, or other modifications to a CM TRAVEL travel coupon and/or discount program are not allowed or honored for any reason.
  • All CM TRAVEL  travel coupons and discount programs are released with specific offer-expiration-dates which are strictly adhered to without exception.  In the event that any CM TRAVEL coupon or discount program is erroneously released to the public without a specific expiration date, it is then understood that the unstated date of expiration of any CM TRAVEL coupon or discount program will be no later than one (1) calendar day after the first publication or release date of said coupon or discount program.
  • In order to redeem any CM TRAVEL coupon or discount offer for travel booked through CM TRAVEL, the holder of such a coupon or discount offer must produce the original coupon or discount offer to redeem the coupon or offer, and must notify CM TRAVEL prior to making an initial travel deposit they will be using a coupon or discount offer.  Coupons, offers, and discounts will not be accepted after initial deposit for travel has been made though CM TRAVEL.
Terms and Conditions addendum: The CM TRAVEL web site contain links to third party travel vendors to help individuals research available travel opportunities and travel information.  Some of these 3rd party travel vendor sites may allow visitors to purchase travel directly through their web site independent of CM TRAVEL.  Said purchases, or problems of any type resulting from said purchases, or damage and/or other third party liability claims associated with said purchases made through third party vendors or through their web site(s) are entirely the responsibility of the purchaser and the selling 3rd party vendor.  CM TRAVEL is not liable for any travel service, product, or transaction not purchased and/or arranged directly through CM TRAVEL. Our agency makes every practical effort to protect the interests of travellers using our web site.  However, given the fluid nature of travel product suppliers of all sizes in the travel industry combined with the lack of regulation of the sale of travel in many jurisdictions, CM TRAVEL  does not guarantee user privacy, or the quality, safety, or reliability of any 3rd party vendor travel product or service purchased directly from a 3rd party vendor by a traveller.  Outcomes and/or damage claims associated with travel directly arranged through a 3rd party by a traveller (i.e. not arranged by a CM TRAVEL 4FUN agent) are not guaranteed in any way by CM TRAVEL. CM TRAVEL has no control over content or condition of 3rd party web sites.  Users agree to hold CM TRAVEL harmless for damages or losses of any type related to viruses or other types of malware users may encounter when visiting 3rd party web sites which are advertised, linked, or recommended on the CM TRAVEL web site.   Users agree to accept full personal responsibility for any/all damages or losses to themselves, to their e-devices or lost access thereto, and/or to their e-device programs, memory, or data or loss thereof – which may be incurred as a result of user interactions on any 3rd party web site advertised, linked, or recommended on the CM TRAVEL  web site.