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Travel Concepts
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  1. Extended travel… an extended deeper exploration of a single destination, a visit/exploration of multiple destinations, or a long cruise.  This link provides an example of an Extended Custom Travel Plan (CM TRAVEL 4FUN created a version of this travel plan for a client who traveled in 2016.)  Keep in mind, any travel plan idea discussed below may be designed as an extended travel experience.  Extended travel is always less expensive than shorter trips, and results in far more efficient use of available travel time!
  2. Focused visits to, and/or explorations of specific: historical places, unique architecture, modes of transportation, world famous bridges, types of museums, unusual art, dance performances, etc.  Such travel can involve one or more destinations.  Travel examples:   travel to Italy and Germany specifically to visit multiple exotic car factories and museums, or to take tours of multiple castles in different parts of Europe, or to stay in multiple famous historical hotels in one or more countries, or travel on world famous trains in and through various countries.
  3. Active adventure experiences either at a single destination, or multiple destinations.  Think surfing on famous beaches in the South Pacific, or jungle exploration in various parts of Asia, or heli-skiing on remote slopes in Canada, or scenic mountain treks in Europe, or exploration cruises to Greenalnd, Iceland, and Norway, or renting a race car and track time to drive on one or more race tracks, etc.  And always keep in mind, you also have the option of doing multiple adventures at a single destination, or multiple different adventures at multiple different destinations on the same trip!
  4. Deep cultural immersion at one or more locations anywhere in the world.  Example might be a unique tour of India wherein you experience two or more of the many subsets of Indian culture.
  5. A long cruise, or a unique "one-of cruise", or multiple shorter cruises on a single trip.  Possiblities include themed cruises, or cruise itineraries taking you to "off the beaten path" ports", or luxury cruises visiting exotic places, or an adventure cruise taking you to a full eclipse somewhere in the middle of the  ocean, etc.
  6. Escape travel to that place of beauty, quiet, and peace you have always longed for, or a remote location where you can reconnect with S/O or family through shared activities and adventures… whether on a remote beach, or a stay in a castle hotel, or a Wilderness Estate Adventure in nature, or a luxury mountain resort, etc.
  7. And many other types of custom travel that only you can imagine!

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