"Travel is our medium, the world our canvas"

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Learn about the many types of custom travel experiences available through CM TRAVEL 4FUN.

Explore a "travel-tested" Complex Vacation Exploration Package designed by CM TRAVEL 4FUN (available for purchase).

Discover the best way to Plan and Finance your Honeymoon.

Learn below why "Focusing on the Experience" results in far better vacation outcomes!

Time to get outside of your box!

Yes, it can be a little scary to go places and do things outside of your comfort zone… but CM TRAVEL 4FUN makes it easy!

CM TRAVEL 4FUN provides travel clients with detailed pre-travel info, a solid reliable travel plan, and a user-friendly ticket set… which all combine to make every travel experience easy, fun, and safe.

Our mission is to insure you return home with a smile and wanting more – after every trip!

Don’t deny your children travel!

Parents define life-long travel limits for their children (when they become adults)!

Your children will likely never travel outside the geographic radius of travel you exposed them to as children!

Your children’s urge to travel as adults will also be largely defined by you (by how often you traveled with your children).

The only exceptions are those forced upon them by their work, or the military, or a future spouse that drags them further away.

Be brave for your kids and yourself… break the rules your parents likely modeled for you… travel more and far!

Experience defines travel!
(How you book travel matters)

Do-It-Yourself ("DIY") Problem Outcomes result from the purchase of a travel package "resembling" a travel idea.


Nearly everyone who plans their own travel first comes up with a travel idea, then seeks to find a travel destination, package, or cruise which appears to offer the place, experience, and price defined within their travel idea.  Once they find something which appears to fit their idea, they buy it, and they are done!

Sorry my friends… but while this approach to travel planning might be faster to complete, it is also why few vacations bring everyone in the group home with a smile (and perhaps why many travelers look forward to coming home… well before their vacation is over).

A guess, buy, and "hope for the best" travel plan is rarely a good travel investment, even if a traveler thinks it is (because they have no idea what might have been!).

Agent Smiling Outcomes are designed from the bottom-up… from requested travel experiences defined by the client:

This approach to travel planning creates travel based upon a very different perspective (than DIY planners), yielding different (and better) travel plans!

How does it work?

CM TRAVEL 4FUN plans and builds travel bottom-up based upon client requested experiences, whereas a DIY plans and books travel top-down (i.e. just search, find, and buy from an online menu).

Great travel outcomes come from a clear understanding of desired travel experiences based upon client wants, needs, and dreams (and client’s budget limitations).  This holds true no matter if the travel is planned by an agent… or a DIY!  Agents collect this information, but most DIY planners do not even consider it (instead most ultimately make final travel purchase decisions based purely upon impulse)!

A CM TRAVEL 4FUN agent first seeks to define the:

  • general type of travel experience and the travel "intention" the travel group seeks
  • travel wants, needs, and general experience each person in the travel group envisions happening (may differ from group)
  • preferred methods and types of transportation desired for the group
  • preferred type(s) of accommodations
  • types of activities desired while traveling (for both the group and individual travelers)
  • type of destination envisioned (or a specific destination example)
  • fears, must not do’s, places and activities to be avoided, and other negative experiences best not included
  • why behind the answers to all of the questions above

After taking all of the collected information into account, the agent researches and proposes specific travel ideas and options to the client. 

Next, the agent has a discussion with the client to define the final list of desired vacation inclusions

Last, the agent researches and creates a vacation experience meeting the needs and wants of everyone in the group!

We Get Travel Done
Fast and Securely!

Travel is a live product… with cost and availability changing at least daily (hourly for air, car, cruise, tours, and hotels).

As a result… the time it takes to plan and book travel is the single largest single driver of increased travel costs (restated… the less time spent planning and booking, the more travel a client’s budget will ultimately buy).

Our proprietary technology expedites travel planning… we save every client money by reducing the time required to plan and book travel.

About security, you can relax!  The travel you plan with CM TRAVEL 4FUN proprietary technology is not only fast… it is far more secure than doing it yourself!

To begin the travel planning process, we ask our clients to complete and submit our:  EZ Planner

This online secure "smart form" collects all of the critical core planning information needed to begin the travel planning process in 10 minutes or less!  This convenient easy-to-use process can be accessed and completed from anywhere… 24/7!

In addition, to further expedite the planning and booking process, CM TRAVEL 4FUN later uses 3 other highly secure online "smart forms" to collect the payment and personal information required to book travel.

Collected client information is encrypted, then stored in a secure guarded server facility (USA based High Security SOC-2 Type II Facility), and is only accessible by password (also encrypted).  No other travel company based in the USA offers this high level of client information security!

In addition, CM TRAVEL 4FUN does not share your information with anyone except the vendors who actually provide your travel.  Unlike other online travel companies found on the web, we never sell or share client personal information with any third party!


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