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Cruise Destinations

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Choices Are Important!

"I am not sure what destinations (ports) are best to visit for the cruise itinerary I am interested in".  This is an important question which should always be researched and answered – before considering any specific cruise or cruise line!

Unfortunately, this is a question both new and experienced cruisers ignore when planning and booking their own cruise.  Why?  To reduce the time they spend finding and booking a cruise!

When travelers book "blind", their cruise experiences nearly always fall short of expectations.


Travelers should start by researching one or more of the destination information links above for an overview of popular destination possibilities, then complete and submit the CM TRAVEL 4FUN EZ Planner!

CM TRAVEL 4FUN will review the traveler ideas submitted… then return suggested port alternatives with the associated pro’s and con’s of each… plus some possible cruise itinerary options which visit those ports.

Once the traveler narrows the itinerary options they are interested in, CM TRAVEL 4FUN will return some specific cruise itinerary and cruise line options for the traveler to chose between.

When the traveler makes a final cruise choice, CM TRAVEL 4FUN will research and find the best package and price options available for that cruise, then share this new information with the traveler for review.

When the traveler makes a final choice, CM TRAVEL 4FUN will book the desired cruise.

This entire process can be completed in as little as 72 hours!

This process greatly reduces cruise traveler personal time and stress required to book a cruise, gets the cruise booked quickly thus securing the best possible price, and assures the final cruise outcomes will be the best possible!


CM Travel 4FUN