"Travel is our medium, the world our canvas"

Vacation Types

All travel should begin with
4 Core Planning Questions:


Choosing a "type" of travel is not just about the "what", it also impacts "when", "where", and "how".

"Vacation Type" should be one of the first planning choices you should make!

Beyond the 4 questions…


Budget sets the boundaries on your travel plan… it should also be defined early in the planning process.

A budget should never be a fixed number… rather a range of numbers: 

  • The least amount I would like to spend if possible
  • The upper amount I would be comfortable spending
  • The most I would consider spending if I discovered an exceptional travel option

For these numbers to mean anything… they need to be well thought out – and real.

If these numbers are not clear in the beginning, then you will almost certainly spend more than you wanted… or stay within your budget, but end up with a travel plan not resembling your original "when, where, what, and how".

If these numbers are valid and real… they will keep you in focus every step of the way as you move forward planning travel.


If you are willing to consider it as a means of payment… factor travel financing into both your budget and travel plan decisions (and also make your financing decision at the very beginning of the process!).

Travel financing can expand travel choices, and allow you to increase your total travel budget without negative impacts.

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