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Tour Types

Factors to consider when choosing the type of Tour experience which is best for you:

Is the tour you are considering:

  • popular with the age range of travelers you prefer to travel with?
  • small group or large group experience?
  • a private tour, or open mixed age group… including singles? couples? families?
  • a guaranteed departure, or does departure require a minimum number of travelers?
  • open to children?  If so, what ages?
  • supportive of mobility impaired people?  If so, what kind of mobilities are supported?
  • offering a choice of hotel amentiy levels (i.e. 3*, 4*, 5*)?
  • offering hotels which are centrally located near attractions, food, drink, entertainment?
  • providing modern well maintained coachs?
  • offering coaches which will store wheel chairs in cargo area, or which have wheel chair lifts?
  • using coach sizes of the type you prefer?
  • providing an on-coach tour guide, or a combo driver and tour guide?
  • offering water, soft drinks, or snacks onboard the coach?
  • offering included meals?  If so, how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners?
  • offering a choice of menu items or a fixed menu?  Are these meals served to you, or are they buffet?
  • providing variable tour options each day… or a fixed itinerary.
  • offering the choice to opt out of an included tour and explore independently on any given day?
  • providing free days at some locations to self-explore, shop, rest, etc.
  • Many more

Choosing the correct tour… involves getting anwsers to many questions!

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