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Tour Styles

Each person’s tour "style" is a definition of: 

  • the "way(s)" they prefer to travel (luxury, cheapest possible, etc.)
  • type of destinatons they prefer, and destinations they absolutely want to avoid
  • type(s) of tours that most interests them, and types of tours they have zero interest in
  • the largest and smallest group sizes they are willing to travel with
  • limits on the ages of others on the tour, who do they want to (and not want to) travel with… kids, middle aged folks, or the retired crowd???
  • expected level of physical ability… i.e. mobility, stairs, etc.
  • guided or unguided tour preferences
  • much more

Below is a link to a tour many people have enjoyed, and many others dream of taking… but is this tour the type of tour you would enjoy???

Think about it!
SMALL GROUP All-Inclusive


Everyone’s tour "style" is different… some are compatible with others, some are not.  When planning group tours, first make a list of wants, needs, and avoids (for every member of your group).  Only after preparing this list will you be ready to start researching tours!

HINT:   This awareness is critical when planning a tour involving others… whether family or friends, young or old.  Everyone has a personal tour "style"!

Clients who use the CM TRAVEL 4FUN ONLINE EZ Planner are pleased to discover this smart form sorts out most of their group’s wants, needs, and don’t wants – it does all this work for them!

Try it!  It is quick, easy, and informative!

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EXAMPLES:  A traveler may prefer to:

  • be a member of large group tours
  • visit only historical sites
  • be part of a small group embedded in an interactive cultural experience
  • be engaged in a relaxing slow-paced peaceful group exploration of nature
  • be involved in something really spicy… sharing excitement and a little adrenalin with others
  • or have many other very specific "travel style" preferences!

Knowing your "Style" allows you to choose unique tour experiences  "For You".

Pretty pictures, online videos, and interesting cable travel shows are the primary motivators driving people to take tours.  Most travel bloggers intentionally mislead readers with their tour reviews in newspapers and magazines (because the bloggers are given free travel in exchange for doing so!).  All mass-marketed tours use all of these tools to drive people to their tours!

However, this creates some big problems!  The person who buys a tour based primarily on pictures, videos, travel shows, reviews, etc… rarely ends up on a tour that is truly "enjoyable" for them (and often leave the experience with the question: "why on earth did I spend all my travel money on that tour?").

The sneaky thing here is… these pictures and presentations are edited to be attractive to as many people as possible!  For this reason, it is important to keep in mind when you look at these things, you are using carefully designed marketing tools designed to bait and hook you (along with many others)!  Only with some serious research work (or using a travel agent) will you "know" with certainty the tour being promoted is something that you would actually enjoy!

Don’t get hooked!  Pull out the personal style list you made, research the tour details, then make a decision!  (or use the CM TRAVEL 4FUN EZ Planner, which will allow your agent to quickly sort all this out… for you!).

Matching "travel style" with a tour experience is even more challenging if traveling with others (S/O, friends, or children) who have also seen all this mis-leading marketing.  Given everyone in any group has different "travel style preferences" … this can be a receipe for disasterously unhappy people!

Your new travel "mantra" should be:


Never let someone else, or a picture or video make tour choices for you…  always review your "travel style preferences" (or work with an agent)before booking!

Clients Love CM TRAVEL 4FUN Tours!

CM TRAVEL 4FUN designs all travel and tours with one core assumption:

"If anyone in a group is not happy with a travel experience, before the trip is over, others in the group will also not be happy with the trip".

To avoid unhappy outcomes, CM TRAVEL 4FUN seeks to learn as much as possible about every member of the travel party… prior to planning travel!

This is why we created (and ask clients to use)… our:  ONLINE EZ Planner.

Doing so insures each travel plan has at least one activity, place, experience, or method of travel matching the "travel style" of every traveler in your group.

Whether a single, a couple, a family, or part of a group planning a tour or other travel experience… if you complete our online EZ Planner with as much detail as possible about each member of your group (and their "travel style preferences"), your agent can (and will) create the magical tour experience you desire!

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