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Cruise Options


  1. There are so many cruise options travelers become overwhelmed… causing travelers to ignore important choices (and thus auto-accept cruise line default choices)  Not a good strategy… since most cruise line "defaults" are choices designed to best benefit the cruise line – not the passenger! 
  2. Travelers who book their own cruises are rarely aware of all the possible choices.  Often the traveler is not even presented all available choices by the cruise line (unless the traveler has requested that information).  So here again, the traveler is auto-accepting cruise line default choices (albeit unknowingly)!


CM TRAVEL 4FUN agent knows all the cruise option choices.  CM TRAVEL 4FUN applies knowledge of each client’s wants and needs to make most of the available cruise choices for the client (however, for some choices, the agent will still need to contact the client, so they may "weigh-in").  Also, when necessary, the agent educates the client about choices they need to make… so the client can make the best choice!

The four picture links above reflect and address only four categories of the many choices requiring review for each cruise.  CM TRAVEL 4FUN asks clients to review the information included within each of these links, then complete and submit the CM TRAVEL 4FUN EZ Planner.

The information the client enters into the EZ Planner provides CM TRAVEL 4FUN much of the information needed to make the best possible option decisions associated with the cruise the client eventually chooses.  CM TRAVEL 4FUN only contacts the client if more information is required to make the best possible option choices.

Here again, this process saves clients time, and provides the client with the best possible cruise outcomes!


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