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So many options, so little time! What to do, where to go, in what order, and how? Above are links discussing some specific options travelers sometimes do not think through well, or completely ignore. However, there are many other options, many of which travelers do not even know exist! Professional agents have access to these options, and inform travelers about each.

Insurance is an option most travelers know exists, but know little about (except that it adds cost to their travel)! Many travelers know travel insurance is important, and do buy it, but have no clue what they are purchasing. As with any other product purchased blind, travel insurance often does not perform as expected when travelers need it most.

Areas of concern travel insurance consumers need to be aware of:

  • Less than 5% of travel agents selling travel insurance have any formal insurance training, thus have no more understanding of the policies they sell – than the travelers they sell the policies to! Sort of like the blind leading the blind.
  • Travel insurance policy coverage varies widely depending on what state you are a resident of. The same company's policy may cover something in one state and not another, and have very different coverage limits and exclusions in different states.
  • Within a state, coverage, coverage limits, and policy exclusions are not standardized, may vary widely between companies, and always vary between different policies sold by the same company.
  • What makes this especially bad for the consumer is that the "policy" coverage as advertised in the media (and the policy coverage description received after policy purchase) are only general nationwide overviews of actual coverage. Actual coverage descriptions have to be requested form the insurance company… by either the traveler, or by the travel agent who sold the policy. Given consumers (and most travel agents selling travel insurance) do not know actual coverage may be different than advertised coverage… there are a lot of upset travelers who find out the hard way they do not have the coverage they thought they had paid for!
  • Insurance coverage and coverage limits needed vary by traveler health, travel activities, and destination. The chosen insurance company, the policy type, and coverage types/limits all need to be carefully matched to traveler needs for each trip a traveler plans. In travel insurance, one size does not fit all!
  • Even in the few states like Washington where travel insurance agents must at least be licensed, there is little (usually no) formal training or education required to sell travel insurance. Thus, except for the few full-service professional agencies like CM TRAVEL 4FUN (which does have an agent with formal training in insurance regulations and law), few travel agents or agencies have any formal insurance training.
  • Simply stated, the purchase of travel insurance, whether from an agent or from an online air, cruise, tour, or vacation travel vendor… is largely like the wild west. Consumer beware!

CM TRAVEL 4FUN does have a licensed professionally trained insurance agent on staff. Our clients are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance, but only the coverage types and coverage limits the traveler -needs- for each specific trip they plan.

Needed insurance coverage is automatically offered to every CM TRAVEL 4FUN client during the travel booking process. If you have booked travel elsewhere, complete the EZ Planner to provide a description of your trip and who is traveling, then our agent will provide a free no-obligation quote for the type of coverage you require.

Have a group of six or more travelers? We offer highly discounted group travel insurance as well!

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