"Travel is our medium, the world our canvas"

Improve Your Travel ROI

Client Cost of Travel
is sum of Agency net
Wholesale Travel Cost
plus a
Small Agent Fee

CM TRAVEL 4FUN utilizes multiple cost management tools.
But our most powerful tool – is the most basic:
"We get travel done!"


  • After a traveler finalizes their travel plan… the cost of travel increases (and travel ROI decreases) each passing day until travel is booked!
  • Travelers commonly delay booking travel plans for days, weeks, or months… the cost impact of these delays can be dramatic!
  • When travelers finally do book travel, in order to stay within their original budget… they are often left with bleak choices!

Booking delay increased costs often force the traveler to choose between:

  • choosing another destination
  • reducing total number of travel days
  • reducing (or eliminating) tours and activities
  • borrowing money to pay increased travel costs
  • choosing to stay at home & instead not travel at all
  • downgrading quality of their air, hotel, and/or rental car


Flush Your Toilet!

The difference is what’s in the bowl!
In the case of travel… it is money!

  • Delay booking one day… watch 5-dollar bills swirl away.
  • Within a few days,,, watch 20-dollar bills gurgling away.
  • In as little as a week… watch 50 & 100-dollar bills be sucked away!

Two Ways to Address this Problem:

  1. Use a reminder to self to get your travel booked… tape a 20 dollar bill to your toilet!
    (This visual will keep you in touch with the money you are losing!)

    or… a Better idea:
  2. Submit your travel plan idea to CM TRAVEL 4FUN with our:   EZ Planner 
    (then CM TRAVEL 4FUN will immediately start planning your travel – and save you money!)  

Another Helpful CM TRAVEL 4FUN Tool:

…which eliminates any financial excuse to not book your travel early!

FASTEST WAY to:  "Flush Away Travel Dollars":

  • Self-book airfare and chase illusive airfare deals!
  • If you plan/book your own airfare, read this:  "AIRFARE SAVINGS ILLUSION".

It is Time to STOP Flushing… START Saving!

  • Let CM TRAVEL 4FUN book all of your travel, including your airfare!
  • Enjoy less stress, better ROI, and always reliable air travel!

Another Benefit… We Work (While You Play)!

  • CM TRAVEL 4FUN researches, price shops, and returns an initial travel plan within 72 hours.
  • Our "getting it done"… saves you money – and gives you more time to "have-a-life"!

Our Travel Planning Process is Better!

  • We research all available discounts including air miles and loyalty programs creating more travel for less.
  • We review alternate itineraries and travel dates to minimize costs and improve travel experiences.
  • We arrange the timing of flights, cruises, tours and activities to maximize use of travel time.

CM TRAVEL 4FUN Manages Variables:

  • We research, identify, and the variables found in every travel plan to your best advantage.
  • Managing identified variables consistently improves travel outcomes and travel ROI.

Some of the Variables CM TRAVEL 4FUN Reviews and Manages:

  • Travel dates chosen (Alternate dates often = Lower Cost and/or more travel choices)
  • Factoring in the number and age of travelers when searching for best vendors & deals
  • Date travel deposited (Earlier = Lower Cost)
  • Destination currency exchange rates (vary up to +/- 25%)
  • Likely travel component availability on proposed deposit date
  • Requested client modifications and itinerary changes
  • Choice of recommended travel Insurance type and coverage limits
  • Limited-time special discounts
  • AAA, AARP, & other discounts
  • Researching various senior discounts (Age cut-off varies by vendor)
  • Utilizing Cruise, Tour, Hotel, Car Rental, and other vendor loyalty points
  • Cost/Benefit analysis of Frequent flyer Air Miles/points available
  • Police, fire, military, and retired military discounts
  • Group discounts (normally a minimum of 6 to 16 travelers to qualify)
  • Early booking discounts (save up to 45%)
  • Many more!

Other Variables CM TRAVEL 4FUN Tries Utilizes:

Early Booking Discounts…
Example book-by dates to maximize discounts:

12 to 24 months prior to travel
12 to 20 months prior to travel
11 to 18 months prior to travel
11 to 12 months prior to travel (or as algorithms indicate)
CM TRAVEL 4FUN uses predictive airfare algorithms for specific destination pairs.
Domestic Rail:
11 to 18 months prior to travel 
International Rail:
90 to 180 days prior to travel

Delayed Payment Plans…
Best book-by dates to utilize delayed payment plans:

150+ days prior to travel
150+ days prior to travel
International Air:
150+ days prior to travel  (within package only)
Domestic Air:
150+ days prior to travel  (within package only)
120+ days prior to travel  (within package only)
120+ days prior to travel
75+ days prior to travel
Rental Cars:
Sooner is normally better, but no set rule here

HINT:  For assured availability…
Always submit an EZPlanner to begin planning travel before above dates!

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