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Romantic Honeymoon Vacation Planning

Honeymoons Are Smiles!
10 years after getting married…
Honeymoons are remembered well!
Wedding ceremonies are only a fuzzy blurs.

CM TRAVEL 4FUN is your:

Honeymoon Specialist!

Honeymoon Challenges:

For the travel agent:

The agent’s challenge is "convincing a wedding couple to book early", so the dream honeymoon they envisioned… is available and affordable!

Nearly 100% of couples who do not book their honeymoon at least 120 days prior to departure:

  • end up taking a poorly planned last minute short trip (which does not resemble the honeymoon they dreamed of at all)!
  • or they simply do not take a honeymoon after the wedding (and for many – never take a honeymoon)!

For the couple:

Many would be "HONEYMOONERS" develop "wedding created time and money shortages" often forcing delays in planning and booking their honeymoon (often meaning… the honeymoon they really wanted – never happens)!

Honeymoons "fail to happen" because of one (or a combination of) the following delay-caused honeymoon dream killers:

  • honeymoon travel becomes too expensive if booked less than 90 days prior travel (150+ % more expensive versus booking early)
  • dream honeymoon travel options the couple envisioned… become unavailable (sold out);
  • if honeymoon booked less than 120 days prior to travel, honeymoon costs usually require full-payment (financing rarely available).

"Make It Happen" Solutions:

#1:  For any couple… there is only one path to insure their Honeymoon "Dream" will become a Honeymoon "Reality"… "Plan and book the honeymoon early!"

Only planning and depositing a honeymoon early will:

However, the reality is:

  • Over-stretched brides often do not have the patience (or time) to plan both a honeymoon and a wedding!
  • Groom’s step back from the risk of "plunging in blind and alone" to plan/book the couple’s honeymoon!

This takes us to the second part of the solution…

#2:  Couples who "work with a Honeymoon Travel Specialist" provide the groom with the personal support and knowledge needed to plan the couples "dream honeymoon" (with only minimal help from his bride).

As such a specialist… CM TRAVEL 4FUN:

  • is connected to more vendors and honeymoon travel options (than the couple could ever find online themselves)!
  • has greater access to honeymoon travel financing options (than is available to couples online)!
  • does nearly all the "leg-work" for the couple (making planning and booking a honeymoon low-stress and time-easy for the groom)!
  • offers something couples cannot access elsewhere online… a crowd-funding tool to pay for all (or most) of their honeymoon!

#3:  Use "Crowd-Funding to help make your Honeymoon Dreams financially possible!"

Crowd-Funding for

With minimal effort… any couple can create a:
Crowd-Funded Honeymoon Cash Machine!
on the

HONEYMOON WISHES enables couples to turn typical wedding shower, bachelor party, and wedding gifts (often stuff the couple already has, or do not want)… into cash gifts for their honeymoon!

Best! Givers are pleased to help!
Givers will want to
Make Your Dream Honeymoon a Reality!

Many givers get so excited and involved with a couple’s honeymoon dream… they give far more generously than if buying you a gift! 

If site is created with forethought… givers become personally connected and involved with the success of your honeymoon!

Couples who share progress of their crowd-funding efforts in social media… discover this tool excites givers – often to give even more!

A couple’s efforts often make givers so excited and involved, givers take it upon themselves to promote the Honeymoon Crowdfunding!

Many givers will share their excitement with others on social media, sometimes leading others you may not even know… to contribute!

There is also a free Wedding Web Site and blog included in the Honeymoon Wishes program.  The wedding site and blog let you share your wedding planning progress and pictures online with others… further enhancing excitement and support for your Crowd-Funded Honeymoon!

How do you reward the Givers
who supported your crowd-funding?

The reward is pictures of your fantasy honeymoon while you are traveling (shared in social media with every person who gifted in support of your honeymoon)!  Givers get to feel like a part of your magical experience as it is happening!  Sharing pictures every day or so of your honeymoon… will make a lot of people feel very happy!


The program:

  • provides assurance all or much of your honeymoon will be paid for by others!
  • gives enough financial and personal support to let you feel secure about booking your honeymoon early
  • locks in the final cost of your honeymoon far in advance of travel… so you stay within a known budget
  • creates the best possible fantasy honeymoon… at the lowest possible cost!
  • is supported by CM TRAVEL 4FUN when you CHOOSE to PLAN and BOOK a HONEYMOON with CM TRAVEL 4FUN  (CM TRAVEL 4FUN helps guide honeymooners in the creation of their successful Honeymoon Wishes money machine!)
  • links with and supports the other financing options CM TRAVEL 4FUN offers for honeymoons. 

The experience:

Once brides get started creating a Honeymoon Wishes funding site, they often find themselves as excited about their honeymoon, as their wedding! 

While a bride usually plays a big role at the beginning of the process, as the couple’s Honeymoon Wishes site gets up and running, the groom usually (happily) takes over the project, and the bride plays a supporting role (she still has a wedding to arrange).

Honeymoon Wishes gives the groom the opportunity to engage in the marriage/honeymoon process in a meaningful, challenging, and enjoyable way (a rare experience for grooms).

Honeymoon Wishes:

  • engages the bride in the honeymoon planning process.
  • indirectly connects the groom to the wedding (as outcome of the honeymoon planning process).
  • creates the opportunity for a shared effort… as the couple jointly plans one of the greatest events in their lives.
  • helps turn nearly any honeymoon dream into a reality.

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