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CM TRAVEL 4FUN Travel Financing

Three Financing Options:

#1  Small Deposit with Delayed Payment of Balance (0% interest)
#2  Low Interest 12 Monthly Payment Lender Financed
#3  Combination of Both Financing Options



Option #1 financing normally available for most cruises, and many vacation (and tour) packages – if deposited 180 days or more prior to travel.

Option #1 financing may be available for cruises, and vacation (and tour) packages deposited between 120 and 180 days prior to travel.

Option #1 financing usually not available for any type of travel deposited less than 120 days prior to travel.

Option #2 financing available for many vacation and tour packages deposited 15 or more days prior to travel.

Option #2 financing rarely available for cruise-only packages, but is available for some cruise/vacation and cruise/tour packages.

Airfare may be financed within (some) vacation, cruise, tour, or rail packages… if deposited 150 or more days prior to travel.

Normally only coach air is financed.  However, some vendors now finance travel packages which include first class (or business class) air upgrades.

Rail fare may be financed, but only if packaged within a cruise, tour, or vacation, or if rail is for multi-day travel in a first class rail sleeper package.

Some types of travel, and travel to some destinations, do not qualify for any type of financing.


Financing limited to specific types of travel and travel segments offered by vendors who agree to support a travel financing program.

Financing offers normally time and/or capacity limited, and may be withdrawn at any time without prior warning

Whenever financing available, CM TRAVEL 4FUN provides clients option to finance (client decides to accept (or decline) financing option).

If clients know in advance they need financing for their travel plan, clients should advise agent financing will be required at start of planning process.

Travel financing offered on an "as available" basis.  In general, the earlier travel is deposited, the more financing options available.

Travel insurance (including trip cancelation) strongly recommended by CM TRAVEL 4FUN for clients financing travel.





  • Not a loan, this is a delayed payment program (similar to a layaway program).
  • No third party lender.
  • No credit check required.
  • No interest due.
  • Requires a small deposit, with balance due in a lump sum on or before a pre-arranged fixed date.
  • Higher deposits may result from unfinanced third party vendor travel segments which require 100% pre-payment at time of deposit.
  • Financing arranged through travel vendor for the client by CM TRAVEL 4FUN… all the client must do is agree to financing terms provided.
  • This is a 100% vendor provided/supported financing program.
  • Requires almost no client time or involvement to arrange financing.
  • CM TRAVEL 4FUN not legally or financially associated with the vendor travel financing offered.


  • Entire cost of travel must be paid prior to travel departure (balance usually due 30 to 60 days prior to travel).
  • Final balance due date non-negotiable (determined by travel supplier).
  • Balance must be paid in a single lump sum by or before date specified by the travel supplier.
  • Deposit amount varies (CM TRAVEL 4FUN negotiates with travel vendor to determine deposit requirements).
  • As a general rule, the earlier the financed travel segment deposited, the smaller the deposit.




  • A simple fast personal loan used to pay for travel.
  • An unsecured personal loan financed by a licensed third party lender who specializes in travel financing.
  • A simple credit check required by the lender.
  • Lender does charge interest for the loan with rates starting at 9.01% APR.
  • Loan eligibility and interest rate determined by client credit rating at time of application.
  • Requires deposit (includes first payment), balance payable in 11 more monthly payments which begin ~30 days after date of travel deposit.
  • Higher deposits may result from unfinanced third party vendor travel segments which require 100% pre-payment at time of deposit.
  • As a general rule, the earlier the financed travel segment deposited, the smaller the deposit.
  • Financing option provided to client by CM TRAVEL 4FUN in cooperation with a travel vendor who will accept payment from the lender.
  • The online loan application and agreement completed and appoved by the client directly with the lender.
  • Travel financing is contractual agreement between the lender and the travel client – only.
  • Requires ~15 minutes of client time to complete simple online loan application and review/approve financing contract.
  • Financing normally reviewed and approved by lender in 48 to 72 hours.
  • Travel costs financed are paid directly by the lender to the travel vendor… usually within 24 hours after client loan approval.
  • Lender financing program not legally or financially associated with CM TRAVEL 4FUN, or the vendor providing client travel.


Loan application information required:

  • Valid USA street address
  • Valid mobile or VoIP number registered in applicant’s name
  • Agreement to receive text messages on provided mobile or VoIP number
  • Full Name
  • Valid applicant email address
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of social security number

Detailed summary of the loan agreement between the client borrower and the lender:
(Client should consult with lender for complete loan details.)

  • Travel loans of $500 to $10,000 (for travel segments not eligible for our 0% delayed payment program).
  • Financing for vacation, tour, and (some) cruise packages offered by more than 50 CM TRAVEL 4FUN suppliers
  • Financing available for travel at popular destinations worldwide.
  • Current interest rates start at a low 9.01% APR + a 2% loan origination fee (rate based on credit review).
  • Available to clients 18 years of age or older in all states in which CM TRAVEL 4FUN does business.
  • Client must be a US resident.
  • Travel loan application completed using the lender’s fast, easy, encrypted online loan application process.
  • Credit review requires only minimal personal and financial information.
  • Involves only a “soft” credit check (will not impact credit score like a standard credit check does).
  • Financing requests normally reviewed and approved in 72 hours or less.
  • Monthly payments automatically deducted from card used to make the client”s initial travel deposit with CM TRAVEL 4FUN.
  • Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit or debit cards accepted for loan payments (Sorry, but no AMEX or checks).
  • Credit or debit card used for loan payments may be changed online at any time after loan has processed.
  • Travel insurance premiums and any travel deposits not financed… paid directly through CM TRAVEL 4FUN.
  • Financing may be available for last minute travel plans deposited at least 15 days prior to travel departure.
  • Applicant can track their loan using a special lender provided web link.
  • No early pre-payment penalties.  However, if a payment is late, a $15 late payment fee applies.
  • Travel Financing arranged through CM TRAVEL 4FUN travel wholesaler approved lender (Uplift).
  • Financing arrangements are made by client directly through Uplift (California licensed finance and broker lender, license # 60DBO-49318).
  • Loan funding provided and managed by CBW, an established Kansas State Chartered Bank lender.
  • Monthly payment calculation basis: (total travel loan amount) / 12 months) + (monthly interest due).
  • Interest charges begin accruing as soon as loan processed (usually 3-4 days after application date).
  • Not a revolving credit program (like a credit card)… just a simple loan.
  • Qualified applicants can independently finance up to 2 separate trips at the same time.
  • Personal information encrypted and stored at highest level of data security (PCI Level 1).
  • Applicant sent monthly payment reminders by email and text messages.
  • Should travel be canceled, loan balance will still be due (Client must arrange/collect their own travel refunds and insurance claim payments).
  • Should client wish to add segments to travel, thus need a larger loan, client must re-apply for a separate new loan.
  • Additional payments to monthly amount are accepted, added payments reflected as a lower last payment amount.
  • Payment date is on same day each month, with payment #1 due ~30 days after date of initial travel deposit.
  • Late payment penalties will apply for payments made after due date.

Relationship between lender, the borrower, the travel vendor provider, and CM TRAVEL 4FUN… clarified:

  • This is a simple personal loan made between a lender and a client who requested a loan for travel expenses payable to a 3rd party vendor.
  • Interest rate primarily based upon credit score, the type/number of other loans client has, and payment history (not related to travel purchased).
  • Interest rate starts at ~9% for better credit ratings, will be more for poorer credit ratings.
  • Loan not available to clients with poor credit ratings.  Client’s credit rating not associated with travel in any way.
  • Travel Insurance (including trip cancelation) strongly recommended (but not required) for lender financed travel.
  • Loan amount must still be paid to the lender by client should contracted travel be canceled, interrupted, or not provided, for any reason.
  • Lending company has no obligation to negotiate with travel vendor refunds or other compensation to reduce client loan balance.
  • Refund of travel costs (in whole or in part) must be negotiated between the client and the vendor (lender not associated with contracted travel).
  • CM TRAVEL 4FUN has no connection with the lender, the loan, the loan process, negotiation of the terms of the loan, or loan payments.
  • CM TRAVEL 4FUN has no responsibility for arranging the loan, providing repayment of the loan, or collection of loan amount in event of default.
  • CM TRAVEL 4FUN has no responsiblity in resolving, or in the settlement of, any type of dispute between the client and the lender.
  • CM TRAVEL 4FUN acts only as a conduit to connect a client who needs a travel loan to a lender who may offer a travel loan to the client.
  • Travel vendor(s) are the direct recipient-payee of loan amount approved by the client for payment of vendor contracted travel.
  • The vendor is not a party to the loan, the lending process, the loan approval process, or associated legally or financially with the lender.

Loan terms and conditions described herein may change at any time without prior notice from lender.

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